From 05 Feb 2020 #STORYDOCTOR available for weekly office hours 12-12:45 and 13-13:45 @Colab in Zurich. Content creators can book a F2F consultation with Story Advisor, Joel Blom, and receive expert tips for using narrative to ensure their content (text/audio/video) makes the impact they desire. Story Doctor Office Hours is in partnership with Impact Hub Zurich and member discounts apply.

We all want our messages to resonate and be acted upon, but it’s hard to create high value content that moves people to engage. A proven way to increase trust, engagement and conversion is by structuring content as a problem-solution narrative. But with so much “story” information available, it’s hard to know where to invest scarce time to get concise answers how to improve desired results from your content.

Now you can bring your specific content problems and questions and receive actionable tips and suggestions on applying narrative structure to enhance your content’s intended purpose.

Story Doctor office hours 05 Feb until 05 May every Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00-12:45 and/or 13:00-13:45.

Founders and entrepreneurs with skin in the game, can leverage Joel’s experience advising/authoring story content for organizations like digitalswiterland, SME’s like Spitch AG, startups like Stairlin AG, blogs like and publicly listed companies like Peach Property Group AG.

Book a 45 or 90 minute consultation just like you would a family doctor’s appointment. Due to limited availability, and to ensure advice is timely and can have a net positive impact, applicants must complete a short questionnaire before booking.

Story Doctor office hours made possible through partnership with IHZ.  Payment is due at time of consultation (Revolut, TWINT, cash).
-> Hub member consultation x 45 min CHF 100.00
-> Hub member consultation x 90 min CHF 200.00*
-> non-Hub member F2F consultation x 45 min CHF 150.00
-> non-Hub  member F2F consultation x 90 min CHF 300.00*
* reserve 2 x 45 min time blocks

1.  Complete the 2-minute questionnaire
2.  Choose date and time
Qualified applicants will receive confirmation via e-mail or text message.
Unless notified, Story Doctor consultations will be held at IHZ
Coffee Auer/Colab, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich.

Call or mail Joel +41 79 703 8003 /

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